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Since we have furniture and cabinetry ready at all times (our Techline Quick Ship program), it won't take you long to get high-quality items from us. Our items ship from the factory in three days or less and you can get 20 standard finishes or a personal design as you need to. Furthermore, our environmentally friendly products are often finished within 2 weeks and come with a 10-year guarantee!

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Enjoy amazing tax savings with us

Cost segregation allows you to depreciate cabinetry over 5 to 7 years instead of over the typical 39-year period that is required with other suppliers. Our cabinets can accommodate change and be reconfigured as needed, and don't have to be depreciated along with your building.


For every $1 of properly classified Techline cabinetry, the tax benefit you get is about 22 cents. If you reclassify your asset as 5 year property, your net after tax value is approximately 22% of your cost.

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Enjoy unparalleled sustainability with our products

After over 29 years of experience, we feel comfortable providing you with a 10 year warranty that shows that we stand behind our product. Our process also helps to decrease waste and save trees. With the versatility of our products and ability to repurpose our furniture that you'll get, it's important that you get an assurance that our products are built to last.

Our furniture will conform to your unique spaces

Our cabinetry and furniture contains a system of interchangeable pieces that can always be transformed to fit all types of workplaces. With what we call flexibility without complexity, you'll get a variety of different sizes and shapes that work together in countless ways so that you can adapt as you need to.


Furthermore, every piece is fully finished and works as a standalone unit, too. Our completely modular approach and 10-year guarantee means that you can count on our furniture to grow with your needs and function properly.

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