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Remoldeling or just replacing your current cabinets is a big deal. One of the biggest and most expensive projects you can embark on is your kitchen. This space takes a great deal of planning. We work with your architect or we offer design services. What you get is a great design incoporating your needs and peace of mind that your space will work as hard as you. Whether you have a galley style or a large eat-in space Techline cabinets will fill to your needs.


Design your kitchen to work with you

Quality is key to success

We see crappy cabinets that look like Techline, but can not perform even partially as well as the high quality our products offer. Techline cabinets can withstand the abuse of years of use. We only use quality products for such a sensitive hard working area of your home.



The hardest working room in your home is your kitchen

Arch Casework

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